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Company Profile: Kumquat Performance Brokers (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., established in 2016, its main business covers artists brokers, film and television investment, public relations activities and other fields. Its artists include Shen Yao, Zheng Peng, Wang Wenxuan, Ma Qianqian, Luo Peng, Yang Min Yong and Li Wenlin. Packaging agency artists Zhang Zhaohui, Ang Lee, Zhou Hui, Zhu Xuan, Liu Meiqi, Jane Liwen. In addition to artist resources, has a wealth of film and television and business cooperation resources.

Kumquat Brokers constantly explores talents in entertainment industry, creates outstanding young actors, and helps many actors continue to grow and reach the peak of their careers with their unique and keen eyes.


Kumquat film industry


  • 2015-05-23
    In an excess capacity, serious homogeneity and pure Moore's law gradually cannot meet the internal demand of era, people are try very hard to tell a story, and let the product or service, one of the "feelings" landing weight is design of the good and not abrupt.
  • 2015-05-23
    Now, China's entrepreneurial market hot anomaly - probably all agree that.
  • 2015-05-23
    AeroMobil flying cars at an airport in the slovak republic testing crash accident, fortunately, the pilot ejected, even though the company claims the accident helps them improve AeroMobil3.0 prototype, however, and the dream of flying cars launched in 2017 is likely to be delayed
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